The Base8 Business Development Platform 

Base8 is a tech incubator, focusing on managed services, consulting and SaaS throughout the United States and Canada. We develop and incubate businesses that solve unique problems with operational excellence and a deep commitment to our core values of excellence, ethics and empathy. Our approach creates wins for everyone.

The term Base8 refers both to the octal numeral system used in computing and the eight notes on a musical scale. It reflects our technical acumen, strong roots in IT, and highly passionate, dedicated, and collaborative (but still grounded) work style.

Our Companies

XOverture is a boutique IT services company that provides small & medium-sized businesses with the IT guidance, structure, & support they need to grow.  They combine high-level advisory support with top-tier services in one package, with unique pricing structure designed for clients up to 500 employees.

Cure8 is the go-to IT and security partner for the cannabis industry. They’re the one-stop IT shop for dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, & distributors in the USA and Canada. Cure8 helps cannabis businesses to solve their IT problems and get the professional-grade tech they need to launch, thrive, and grow.

Forte is the answer to all your Cannabis Retail Standard Operating Procedure requirements. Starting from a foundation of hundreds of SOPs, we help you build your documentation and procedures for starting up, and scaling out, your cannabis business. We bring to the table extensive industry knowledge and experience that support you in achieving overall operational excellence in your business.